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CoreComm PR provides effective communications support in the areas of:

General Public Relations Counsel – Helping guide an organization with deliberate thought about how actions will be perceived by the public. This often leads to specific projects and support.

Media Relations and Training – CoreComm loves to get your name in print, online, in broadcast or podcast … just on the public’s mind. We can spread the word about your company or product and train you on how to speak with reporters. (It’s not that hard. You really can sound great in an interview.)

corecomm public relationsCrisis Communication – This can refer to avoid a crisis or we can handle communications and messaging during or after a crisis. Every organization is at risk. Be prepared.

Strategic Planning – CoreComm works with your organization to create a strategic approach to communications. Experience pays. We rely upon our experience in public relations counseling to give you feed back that will impact every aspect of your business. We then create integrated communications plan according to your needs.

Special Events - From press conferences to big splashy events that gain media attention, CoreComm handles all aspects of events. We can suggest when and what type of event may be appropriate for your organization to reach your goals.

corecomm public relationsMarketing Communications – Sometimes you just have to communicate directly with your customer. CoreComm recommends you do. We can create online or hard newsletters, inserts, brochures and more to ensure that your message is effective communicated to your customer.

Strategic Alliances – CoreComm can create strategic alliances with organizations that can help raise awareness of your product or organization. Joining forces with a non-profit or other organization can create a greater sense of credibility for any rising or shining star in the community.

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