Hospitality - Its Business too

CoreComm PR understands that hospitality is serious business. Behind the service and smile, is strategy and hard work.  We know this because we've developed that strategy and put in the hard work for some of the biggest names in the business. 

Yes, we've cleaned toilets in a suit before a grand opening because our client had to look its best. 

We've handled complaints in the middle of the night over Twitter because that's when guests complain. 

This level of commitment is unique to hospitality and required in order to be successful in the industry. 


Are You Ready for HITEC?

Grand Openings/Launch

CoreComm PR can help you make the important first impression. From a new product launch to a grand opening, our professionals can make those meaningful connections.  

Trade Shows

The hospitality industry is built on relationships which are often launched at trade shows and conferences.  From large international shows to intimate gatherings, we can help you make the most of every opportunity. 

Strategic Communications

Communications should support your business goals and objectives.  This is where experience can make the most impact. CoreComm PR works with companies to develop strategic communications plans that impact the bottom line.  

Reputation Management

Every business experiences rocky times.  Our professionals guide you and safeguard your reputation so those rocky times don't mean the end of your business. We've helped companies grow and reach their objectives under the most difficult circumstances.   

Integrated Communications

Communications and marketing is closely intertwined these days.  Companies need to ensure that they are giving the same overall messages to customers on social media as they are in advertising.  Integrated communications can also help a company make the most out of a limited budget. 

Brand Experience

In hospitality, the big names set the tone for the industry. In order to successfully navigate industry, you need to understand how the biggest brands work. CoreComm PR has worked with (and for) some of the largest brands in the hospitality industry. We can help you walk the walk and talk the talk.   

Are You Ready for HITEC?


If you are in hospitality technology, you know that HITEC is your best opportunity of the year to connect with thought leaders and potential customers.  Your company needs to shine and you need to focus on building relationships.  

CoreComm PR has helped companies plan every aspect of their HITEC experience from booth design to promotional materials and media relations. Contact us today to ensure that your company will be ready.   

Show Floor Experience - Its more than booth size

A year before HITEC companies make the commitment to attend the biggest event in hospitality technology.  The large companies have teams who plan every aspect of the show experience. 

Emerging companies need someone who knows the industry to create an in-booth experience that will help them make the most of their investment in this opportunity.   


HITEC Check List

  • Reserve Booth Space (year in advance)
  • Design Booth with Graphic Designer and Exhibition Company
  • Complete Dozens of Forms for Convention Center - electric, wifi, cleaning, shipping, assembly, insurance, etc. 
  • Write and Upload Company Background to HITEC App
  • Determine Obtainable Objective and Goal for Show
  • Develop Key Messages and Talking Points 
  • Train Sales Team in Talking Points
  • Develop Lead Retrieval Strategy 
  • Order Branded Shirts & Promotional Items
  • Create Printed Collateral Materials
  • Develop Video, App or other Digital Media to Communicate Message
  • Create Email Invitation to Customers & Industry - Remember to Include Booth Number
  • Write Press Release Announcing Product, Service, etc. 
  • Develop Industry Media List 
  • Post Press Release in HITEC Press Room
  • Distribute Press Release on Appropriate Wire Services
  • Distribute Press Release to Industry Press
  • Post on Social Media Channels in Advance and during show
  • Invite Customers to Parties, Dinner, Drinks, Meetings
  • Mark Calendars for Important Parties and Events
  • Book Flights and Hotel Rooms
  • Don't forget to Register Your Team 

Power of Public Relations


IHG Business Edge

Publicity for IHG's first B2B sales program in 2018 resulting in  coverage in more than 20 countries around the globe. 


Cloud5 Communications

Regular publicity increases brand awareness.  


Blueprint RF

Reputation Management: In a time of change or challenge, controlling the story can prevent loss of market share and even have a positive impact on a business. 

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